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If you like ice tea, you’ll really like this. If you don’t like iced tea – bad luck!

Try it yourself...


  • 50ml Unpeated Rascally Liquor®
  • 300ml of Lipton’s Lemon Ice Tea
  • 3 or 4 Ice cubes


Put 3 or 4 ice cubes in the bottom of a ~500ml glass, add a 50ml shot of fruity/non-smoky Rascally Liquor® and top-up with about 300ml of Lipton’s Lemon Ice Tea. (You can use any ice tea but our Tearrific tasters thought Lipton’s worked best because of the balance of sweetness and lemon.)
(Final ABV*: 50ml Rascally Liquor® @ 63.5% = 9.1% ABV & 50ml Rascally Liquor® @ 46% = 6.6% ABV)