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OK – we know elderflower cordial/spritzer is a wee bit flowery but not if you turbocharge it with Rascally Liquor®.

Try it yourself...


  • 50ml Unpeated Rascally Liquor
  • 300ml Elderflower Spritzer
  • 3-4 Ice cubes


Put 3 or 4 ice cubes in the bottom of a ~500ml glass, add a 50ml* shot of fruity/non-smoky Rascally Liquor® and top-up with about 300ml of Elderflower spritzer. (You could also use elderflower cordial made long with sparkling water or tonic.)
(Final ABV*: 50ml Rascally Liquor® @ 63.5% = 9.1% ABV & 50ml Rascally Liquor® @ 46% = 6.6% ABV)